Life sucks, then you die. I actually have a much more positive outlook on life. But life is tough sometimes. Get an Embrace the Suck Poster!

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I made this Embrace the Suck Poster to remind myself that life is tough sometimes. And sometimes we suck at new things. But that is okay. It is okay to not always be perfect.

So embrace the suck, get better, and suck less.

I’ve been doing a lot of learning growing (i.e. sucking at something new) this last year. Changing careers and learning/honing crap pile of new skills has pushed me to be comfortable in all sorts of uncomfortable situations and projects. Starting and running a business is a blast and is a wild ride for sure!

#embracethesuck and then #suckless

I decided to design up a quick poster, inspired by a recent LinkedIn image/post from Brett Swensen,

“What do you suck at? I really like this picture [BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO SUCK AT SOMETHING NEW] for many reasons. It’s applicable in many areas of my life and a good reminder r to keep growing and trying new stuff that feels uncomfortable.”

Upon purchase, you will be able to download two high-resolution Embrace the Suck Poster images, for use in YOUR OWN prints and personal use. Files and artwork not for resale. Includes a 30″x40″ and 30″x42.7″ design.



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